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Welcome to the Academic Intervention Lab!

All sixteen membrs of Academic Intevention lab stading together ouside, under some trees

It is an exciting time in the field of education for students with learning difficulties as we are developing and strengthening both the knowledge and the tools to change lives. The challenge is disseminating the information and training to front line workers. Through research, we are examining the barriers to sharing information, and are utilizing telepsychology, evidence based interventions, and enhanced assessment techniques to make a positive difference in the lives of students with learning disabilities, both locally and in remote Northern communities.


Since 1963 when Dr. Samuel Kirk coined the term “Learning Disability,” education, psychology, and medicine have been trying to understand how to support a group of students who have difficulties mastering the academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students with Learning Disabilities are not the only ones who have academic challenges. A greater number of students in our school systems have various types of learning difficulties. These learning difficulties can be caused due to a number of factors including ADHD, ADS, as well as histories of trauma, disruptions in school, or mental health challenges.


However, today we have the knowledge to be able to help many of these students. We know how to screen students early to understand their learning challenges, and how to “fix” many of the problems students can encounter. The Academic Intervention Lab at OISE/UT is focused on pushing the frontier of support for students. Below is a list of the projects that we have currently ongoing.


Intervention   Lab:

investigates how to best identify and support students with learning difficulties  

Academic   Support


Learning    Disability

Text   to   speech

Assistive   Technology

Recent Work
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