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Alphabetic Principles

Around the end of kindergarten to Grade 1, children should be able to recognize letters and their corresponding sounds. Children typically start with naming letters then matching the sound to the letter name. They should then be able to use this letter-sound knowledge to sound out common words. Can your child: 

  • Name all 26 letters of the Alphabet? 

  • Make the sounds of all 26 letters of the Alphabet? 

  • Sound out commonly known words? (e.g., the letter “d” in “dog” makes the “D” sound; “o” makes the “AW” sound; “g” makes the “G” sound)  

If your child is unable to recognize letters and know their corresponding sounds by Grade 1, then intervention should be implemented. Activities to teach Alphabetic Principles are also commonly referred to as "Phonics". 

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