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Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency is a child’s ability to read quickly (at a conversational rate) and accurately (without making many mistakes). In order to read fluently, a child must have developed prior skills such as word reading and decoding. If reading is fluent, more energy can be focused on understanding the text (comprehension) rather than word reading and decoding. Unlike the earlier reading skills, reading fluency continues to develop over time through practice and exposure to reading rather than explicit instruction. Can your child:

  • Read without sounding choppy?

  • Read without skipping words?

  • Pronounce words correctly?

Weaknesses in reading fluency may lead to difficulties in understanding what is being read. Children with difficulties in reading fluency often find reading very effortful, and they take longer to read. They may struggle to finish tests and assignments on time because it takes them longer to read and understand written instructions.

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