Processing Deficits for Students with Learning Disabilities: Interventions for Working Memory and Processing Speed

Cunningham, T., Lamond, B., & McNaughtan, H. (2020, August).

Presentation to the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario. Virtual Presentation.  

Guiding Effective Assistive Technology Recommendations: New Research, Solutions, and Tools for CPA Annual National Convention

Lamond, B., McNaughtan, H., Staffiere, E., & Cunningham, T. (June 2020)

Presentation Slides

ATSelect: Finding the Right AT for Your Student for LDAHH

McNaughtan, H., Staffiere, E., Wall, F., Page, D. (March 2020)

Presentation Slides

Hypothesis Driven Assessment Model

Cunningham (Jan 2020)

Presentation Slides

Protocol Handout


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